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I'm a doctoral researcher at the University of Westminster. My research focuses on music and culture from Taiwanese indigenous musicians on social media and on social movements in Taiwan. The ongoing research is trying to explore how indigenous musicians communicate their perspectives of indigenous culture and issues to audiences through self-presentation on social media for rethinking the self-identity. 


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To depict the cartography of the communication between Taiwanese contemporary indigenous music and the social media, and to explore how indigenous musicians convey their identity and culture through musical appropriation, collaboration and the self-presentation of their daily lives online to their audiences, the methodology adopted for this research will be in-depth interviews and digital ethnography.

Indigenous people in Taiwan reconstruct their identity in the online world and experience new ways of interacting through participation. In this process, new cultures and societies continue to emerge and they give people a distinct approach to imagining the world. This research discovers a new orientation for positioning the new indigenous identity, which is integrated with the contemporary indigenous culture, through exploring the interaction between indigenous music and media.

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