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A sound project of 'Self Room'

Please follow the Instagram account 'self__room' or click the icon on the upper right corner of my main page.

請follow Instagram帳號self__room,或者透過首頁右上方的圖示連結。

Life is full of diverse sounds and visual images. This project is a hybrid of life recording which focus on sound making.

Self Room is a project of sharing sound clips created by myself in my room with one notebook. The concept comes from the notion of scratch nights that artists share their works for a small group fo audiences to get the feedback. I edit the video with the sound I made and the videos or photos I took in my life and upload it on Instagram to do the scratch online. All materials are taken from me. It’s kind like a memory hybrid in my life. The idea just pops up as suffering the self-isolation time. All the posts will be under one minute. Please feel free to comment. To make it more homemade, the profile photo is the name I wrote when I was considering how to write it.


Self Room是一個分享我在房間用一台電腦做出來的聲音計畫。概念是來自Scratch nights的意涵,這是一種演出半成品的表演,讓觀眾加入討論而產生互動的意義。我把這個概念銜接到社群媒體上,把未完成短於一分鐘的聲音創作,和我在生活中拍攝的影像連結,成為不同的影片,分享出來期待不同的回應。比較像是一種混雜的生活紀錄。突然想到這個概念,其實是因為正在自我隔離。使用的材料元素都來自於我。請自由自在地留言,寫什麼都好。這張大頭照就是我在紙上寫下的Self Room,當時正在寫怎麼寫這個字比較好。為了讓一切手工化,就不用經過電腦繪圖了。

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