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Professional Summary

​GuoTing Lin is a Ph.D. at the University of Westminster, London. She completed a Master in Radio and Television with an observation of reader-writing manner of communication on the Internet from the National Taiwan University of Arts (NTUA). She was also awarded an MA degree from the University of Westminster in Communication Studies in 2015. The dissertation may be of importance in exploring the new role of the music of social movement, as well as in providing musicians and activists with a better understanding of how social media relate to music and the social movement.


Her ongoing research focuses on music and culture from Taiwanese indigenous musicians on social media and on social movements in Taiwan. The research is trying to explore how indigenous musicians communicate their perspectives of indigenous culture and issues to audiences through self-presentation on social media for rethinking self-identity. She had been educated in classical music with majoring in cello and minoring in piano since 6 years old and is interested in music-making and singing. Therefore, she, as an urban Indigenous person, hopes to seek self-identity that is affected by her mother through the research project.



Research  Writing     Taiwanese indigenous    Music 
Social Media 
  Music-making    Lecture    Cultural studies

Work Experience


Associate  Assistant Professor

National Taiwan University of Arts


Department of Radio and TV 廣播電視學系


Visiting Researcher, University of Tubingen


 European Research Center on Contemporary Taiwan 歐洲當代臺灣研究中心


Interpreter, Taiwan Indigenous TV


“Songs Blowing Over The Island” Season 4 《吹過島嶼的歌》第四季



University of Westminster


Ph.D. in Media studies, the Communication and Media Research Institute

​媒體傳播研究中心  博士


University of Westminster


MA Communication  傳播研究碩士


National Taiwan University of Arts


MA Radio and Television 廣播電視碩士


Research interests are music and culture from indigenous society in contemporary Taiwan, social media, the relationship between music and social movement, and cultural studies.

Music interests are in a wider range, music-listening, music-making,  sound creating, piano, cello, and singing. 



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